Sudsy Page 2.2.0

$39.00 $25.00

  • Professional URL router for your Bubble™ app
  • SEO-friendly URLs, deep-linking, workflow navigation, and more
  • Ideal for Single Page Applications


Sudsy Page brings URL path parameters to Bubble, thereby enabling router-like functionality for friendly URLs and “deep linking” without page reloads. It’s especially well-suited to Single Page Applications but can be used on any page where a friendly “nested” URL structure is desired.

Features + Benefits

  • URL path parameters core router functionality for friendly URLs.
  • Reusable element compatibility for greater flexibility and ease of use.
  • Link elements can be used for better SEO.
  • No page reload when navigating to another URL on the same page.
  • Deep linking to a specific view when page loads – i.e. bookmark friendly.
  • Forward and back buttons work with no page reload.
  • Better app performance and UX, since data can be loaded on demand without refreshing the entire page.
  • Trigger workflows from hyperlink clicks.
  • Automatic link detection simplifies implementation and enables “crawler-friendly” page content for better SEO.
  • Go to URL action for workflow navigation. Can be used in lieu of or in conjunction with link elements.
  • Preserve history option when using workflow navigation.
  • Context awareness for greater flexibility with application logic.
  • Query string parameter support for sorting and filtering as well as bookmarking of “search” URLs.


  • ✅ Chrome
  • ✅ Firefox
  • ✅ Safari
  • ✅ Opera
  • ✅ Microsoft Edge
  • ⛔️ Internet Explorer

⚠️ Please Note

Sudsy Page works per page. It can be used on as many pages as desired, but the pages must be “internal” pages. It will not work on the home/index page (site root). This is a limitation of the Bubble platform architecture.