Upload Buddy 1.2.2


  • Downsample (scale down) image files before uploading
  • Implement workflow logic based on file details before uploading
  • Improve performance and the user experience
  • Save time, storage, and money


Upload Buddy is a versatile replacement for both the Picture Uploader and File Uploader native Bubble plug-ins. Instead of a file being immediately uploaded when a user selects it, Upload Buddy exposes details of the selected file. Combined with various actions and events, Upload Buddy enables workflow and conditional logic based on those details, thereby providing explicit control over if and when the file is uploaded.

Additionally, Upload Buddy supports client-side resampling for image files – that is, you can scale down large image files before they’re uploaded. Not only does this conserve bandwidth and Bubble storage, but it results in better app performance and a more pleasant user experience.

Features + Benefits

  • ✅ Restrict uploads by file type or size.
  • ✅ Restrict image uploads by pixel dimensions or aspect ratio.
  • ✅ Resize images before upload (client-side).
  • ✅ Reduced bandwidth, server load, storage, and wait time for image uploads.
  • ✅ Auto-generated thumbnail for viewable images.
  • ✅ Fully customizable UI element for a tailored “look and feel”.
  • ✅ Rename files on upload.
  • ✅ Explicit control over if/when upload occurs.
  • ✅ Meticulously crafted exclusively for Bubble.

What It Doesn’t Do

  • Does not work with 3rd party cloud services. It was crafted exclusively for Bubble’s native storage option.
  • Does not support cropping of images (only resampling).
  • Does not support multiple file uploads.
  • Does not work with IE

⚠️ Please Note

  • The size of uploaded files is currently restricted to Bubble’s legacy 50 MB upload limit.